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[Recruitment Staff #1] Takumi Hiriko

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A. Personal Information
    1.0 Firstname: Takumi
    1.1 Lastname:  Hiriko
    1.2 Place of Birth: Los Santos
    1.3 Date of Birth: 11/02/1998
    1.4 Gender: Male
    1.5 Age: answer 2002
    1.6 Nationality: America
    1.7 Blood Type:  O
    1.8 House Address:  -
    1.9 Phone Number: -
    2.0 E-mail:
    2.1 Last Education:  -
B. Questions
    1.0 Have you ever been involved in a criminal case?  NO
    1.1 Have you ever submitted an application before? Never
    1.2 Why did you want to become a staff of San Andreas News Agrey
Because I Want to Help Leaders
     1.3 Why do you think we should accept you?  Because I Want To Be San Andreas Sanews
    1.4 What do you know about journalist and broadcasting?  mempunyai arti catatan harian atau catatan mengenai kejadian sehari-hari, dapat juga diartikan sebagai surat kabar.Journal berasal dari istilah bahasa Latin diurnalis, yaitu orang yang melakukan pekerjaan jurnalistik.
    1.0 DP:RP Forum Username: Alfi
    1.1 IRL Name: Muhammad Alfi
    1.2 Age: 17
    1.3 Location: Jakarta
    1.4 Do you have a fully working microphone? -
not Really
    1.5 Has Teamspeak 3 been installed in your computer? NO
    1.6 Have you ever been banned in DP:RP? answer NO
    1.7 Do you have a faction warn on your character? If yes, why? Never
    1.8 Do you ever been faction banned? If yes, why? Never
    1.9 Why would you like to join SANA? BECAUSE I Want to Be Sannews
    2.0 What do you know about SANA? Reporter Seeking Information About Life That Is Happening And Go To The Point Events
    1.0 Line ID: 94leo94
    1.1 Facebook URL: Hanya Kertas Kosong
    1.2 Phone Number:  089504947335

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You are here » SANews San Andreas » Staff Recruitment #1 [OPENED] » [Recruitment Staff #1] Takumi Hiriko