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[Recruitment Staff #1] Adam Walker

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A. Personal Information
    1.0 Firstname: Evhan
    1.1 Lastname: Laoh
    1.2 Place of Birth: Ganton
    1.3 Date of Birth: 2-11-1997
    1.4 Gender: Male
    1.5 Age: 14
    1.6 Nationality: America
    1.7 Blood Type: B
    1.8 House Address: Jefferson
    1.9 Phone Number: 082111572201
    2.0 E-mail:
    2.1 Last Education:-
B. Questions
    1.0 Have you ever been involved in a criminal case? Never
    1.1 Have you ever submitted an application before? There is no
    1.2 Why did you want to become a staff of San Andreas News Agency?Because I Want to Help Leaders San Andreas San News In Different Issues In the Natural Person People In Reloplay The Being In The Game
    1.3 Why do you think we should accept you? Because Leaders need San News Staff Staff To Have Problems
    1.4 What do you know about journalist and broadcasting? Jounalist=journalism or authorship And  Brodcasting=
all activities that allow their radio and television broadcasts that include terms of ideal, hardware and software, which uses broadcasting or transmission facilities, both on land and in space, using electromagnetic waves or wave type is higher for
    1.0 DP:RP Forum Username: Evan Laoh
    1.1 IRL Name: Evan Laoh
    1.2 Age: 18
    1.3 Location: Jakarta-Indonesia
    1.4 Do you have a fully working microphone? Not Using Fully
    1.5 Has Teamspeak 3 been installed in your computer? Keith Installed
    1.6 Have you ever been banned in DP:RP? Never
    1.7 Do you have a faction warn on your character? There is no If yes, why?
    1.8 Do you ever been faction banned?There is no If yes, why?
    1.9 Why would you like to join SANA? Because I Love Being Reporter Or sort Bearer News In One Game or In Reality
    2.0 What do you know about SANA?Reporter Seeking Information About Life That Is Happening And Go To The Point Events
    1.0 Line ID: saintmark11
    1.1 Facebook URL: Evhan Bosel
    1.2 Phone Number: 082111572201

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You are here » SANews San Andreas » Staff Recruitment #1 [OPENED] » [Recruitment Staff #1] Adam Walker